Take control of your network.

Enforce policies and manage access.

Take control of your network.

Enforce policies and manage access.

Domain tools

Have a clear view

with domain services

With a domain controller, you can see and manage all of your company files and network resources in one location.

Authenticate centrally

with active authority

Secure your network and ensure that only authenticated devices have access to your organization's IT resources.

Set security policies

with access controls

We can help set up access controls, limiting user and group access to your organization's files, software applications, and equipment.

Work Securely

with protection against external threats

Protect your network from external threats with an enterprise-class firewall.

Password Management Peace of mind

Password Management

for peace of mind

User accounts and passwords are managed centrally, allowing organizations to have full control over employee access to company workstations.

We can help reset passwords for users, and change them remotely during an employee departure to protect privileged data.

Share Workstations Your desktop follows you wherever you go

Share Workstations

with a consistent desktop experience

Roaming user profiles allow staff to log into any workstation on the domain and have their files and settings and follow them.

Keep everything safe with ALT Automated Backups

Keep data safe

with managed backups

Keep your company files safe with managed onsite backups, included with our essential IT services plan.

Easily restore previous versions of files. For added protection, we also offer managed offsite or cloud backups.

Tools for remote work

Stay connectedwith ALT VPN

Stay connected

with a fast and secure VPN service

Access your organization's IT resources from virtually anywhere over a secure and reliable private tunnel.

 Remote-in with ALT Virtual Terminal Services


with virtual workstation services

Staff that work with database software can work remotely as if they are in the office.

Virtual workstations provide a local stable connection to the database application to ensure fast performance and to prevent data corruption. PCs and Macs are supported.